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What You Need To Know About Stem Cell Therapy

You’ve probably heard about stem cell therapy before. But, for you to make a decision about what’s best for your health and quality of life, you need to be informed about all of your options first. Simply put, stem cell therapy is the practice of using stem cells to help heal the cells that the body may need to treat specific problems. These cells occur naturally in every body. However, they are less and less effective as we age.

An example of how stem cell therapy works is if you are suffering from joint pain, oftentimes the ligaments, tendons and cartilage within the joint have been worn down or damaged, whether due to age, an injury, or the wear and tear that comes with a life well-lived. By supplying the troubled area with stem cells, the body then has new material to work with, and these cells can regenerate into what the joint requires to operate smoothly and pain-free so you can get back to the active life you love living!

Adipose Tissue Stem Cell Therapy

Adipose tissue stem cell therapy is one of many ways to obtain and utilize stem cells. In this case, they come from the patient’s own body. Adipose means “used to store fat,” and that’s exactly where these cells come from – the fatty tissue.

Stem cells are the most effective when they are young and brand new. So if you are 20 years old, or 60 years old, your adipose tissue stem cells may not be as effective.

In adipose tissue stem cell therapy, the cells are extracted surgically – often through liposuction – and then the fat is injected into the affected area for the cells to take hold there. This is not a treatment we offer, as this area of the body stores toxins which can have contaminants that are then reintroduced to other parts of the body through the stem cell treatment.

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy

Bone marrow stem cell therapy is another well-known method of treatment. In this case, stem cells are harvested from bone marrow (your own, or from a donor) by drilling into the hip and extracting marrow to be reintroduced to an area of the body in need of stem cells.

Adipose Tissue Stem Cell Therapy Catskill, NYThis treatment is most commonly used in patients with certain types of cancer, or blood diseases. Since bone marrow is the source of red and white blood cells, it is full of healthy cells that can be used to treat problems within other areas of the body.

We do not administer this treatment here, however. Drilling into the body can leave it open to infection, and the procedure itself is incredibly painful.

Umbilical Allograft Derived Regenerative Cells

The method of treatment preferred by our doctors is regenerative cell therapy. Regenerative cells are a non-invasive alternative to stem cell therapy. These cells are most effective when the body is at its youngest, so they are ethically and safely derived from the umbilical cord after a C-section birth, and then injected into damaged areas of the body that are in need. Incredibly effective at this young age (think of how fast a baby grows!), regenerative cells are able to naturally and non-surgically treat a wide variety of problems for patients at our practice, including:

  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Hip pain
  • Joint pain
  • Torn ligaments
  • Damaged cartilage
  • Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • And many other issues!

If you are considering stem cell therapy, you are invited to get a complimentary consultation with our doctor to find out what options may be available to you.

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