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Are you suffering from hip pain, leg pain, or back pain? It could be sciatica, which can stop you from performing everyday or work-related tasks. Our doctor in Hudson understands that you’re hurting, and we’re dedicated to identifying the source of your pain, providing the treatment you need, and ensuring you have relief that lasts.

We offer safe, all-natural treatment solutions to treat sciatica
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Sciatica Pain Treatment Catskill, NY

Sciatica Pain Treatment

We highly recommend regenerative therapy for sciatica pain relief treatment. To encourage your body’s natural ability to heal itself, this treatment utilizes specialized cells to repair, renew, and restore the tissues that are causing your sciatic pain. Treatments containing regenerative cells are one part of our practice. In order to enhance your body’s natural healing process, we inject these cells and growth factors at the site of your sciatica pain. Our doctor uses young and healthy mesenchymal cells for injections.

We work with tissue bank suppliers that collect mesenchymal cells from the Wharton’s jelly of donated umbilical cords. By targeting your sciatica with an injection of young mesenchymal cells, your body has the tools it needs to repair bones, muscles, and other tissues affecting your sciatic nerve. They can also work on nerve damage.

Platelet-rich plasma is also an effective treatment for sciatica. We separate healing platelets from other blood cells in your samples. By injecting a higher concentration of platelets, proteins, and growth factors at the site of your pain, we can supply the affected area with a boost of healing factors to effectively and efficiently help your body recover from injuries or illness.

Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief Chatham, NY

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

The irritating and sudden shooting pain caused by pressure on your sciatic nerve calls for treatment. In addition to all-natural regenerative therapy, our pain relief clinic in Hudson has other solutions for sciatica nerve pain relief. Spinal decompression is a way of enabling the natural space between your vertebrae to be restored. By relieving the spine of tension, our doctor will reduce the pressure put on your musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Chiropractic care is another therapeutic alternative. We carefully manipulate your muscular and skeletal systems to improve their alignment and function, which at the same time, restores the communication pathways of your nervous system, lessening the stress on your sciatic nerve. Our chiropractors will develop a plan to help your body manage or eliminate the symptoms caused by sciatica.

Sciatica Symptoms

Common symptoms of sciatica include pain during sitting, leg pain, backache, or sharp pain when standing or walking. Anything that puts stress on your sciatic nerve can trigger pain, and in severe cases, cause sciatic nerve damage. The discomfort of sciatica may expand into chronic pain, negatively affecting more than just the primary area that you’re noticing.

Our doctors will diagnose your symptoms, identify your pain, and treat your sciatica with the best treatment for your body. Call us today for a free consultation. Our pain relief clinic in Hudson is determined to help relieve your sciatica pain, get your body moving, and return you to your normal work schedule and lifestyle.

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