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Neck Pain

Has your neck pain caused you discomfort, limited your mobility, or interfered with your life? Our doctor in Hudson can provide you with a treatment plan that gives you the pain relief you need. Whether it’s neck tightness, cervical pain, or frequent headaches, we can help you get moving again.

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Neck Pain Relief Treatments

Our clinic offers non-surgical neck pain treatments for common issues such as a sore neck, headaches, or a pinched nerve in the neck. By heightening your body’s ability to heal naturally, these treatments help alleviate your symptoms and restore your neck to working condition.

Neck Pain Relief Catskill NY

Chiropractic care is an all-natural pain relief option for severe neck pain. Chiropractic care involves physical adjustments that reduce inflammation and improve the overall function of your body. Your pain could be the result of misalignment, potentially in your cervical spine. When vertebrae are out of place, they put pressure on your muscles, nerve, discs, and even other bones.

Spinal decompression is another all-natural pain relief treatment that our chiropractors practice. A compressed spine is a common cause of neck pain. It forces discs out of their natural position and increases stress on the nerves that run through the spinal column. By decompressing the spine (stretching and relaxing it safely), we release tension on the nerves and discs, which will help you move and use your neck comfortably again.

Common Neck Problems and Injuries

The neck is comprised of blood vessels that link through to your head, but tightness can cause spasms in the arteries around the nerves in your neck and head. Trauma, injury, muscle strain, and pinched nerves can all contribute to common and chronic neck pain.

How to get rid of this pain will depend on the evaluation of the doctor. Your pain and its cause are unique, so we need to hear from you to help. We will diagnose and treat your painful neck with the most appropriate and effective method for your health history and current condition.

Your neck pain can stop you from performing easy tasks, limit your movement, and increase stress—but not anymore! Our clinic has been helping clients in Columbia County and Green County find pain relief, and we can do the same for you. Call or visit us today to schedule a free consultation.

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