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Non-Surgical Options For Back Pain

If you’re through suffering, it’s time you find out what your non-surgical options for back pain are. Lower back pain or any severe back pain can affect every aspect of your life, and take away some of the things you love most. It’s time to get you back in the game.

Your online research may have led you to look into surgery, but with the time, expense, and other ramifications on you and those you love, it would be worth your while to see what non-surgical options for back pain you have before going that route.

Our doctors help patients handle back pain on a daily basis, and are knowledgeable in treatments such as:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Laser therapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  • Stem cells
  • Trigger point injections
  • Spinal decompression
  • Regenerative cell therapy

There are many options when it comes to all-natural pain relief for your back. Depending on where your pain is, what it stems from (injury, herniated disc, degenerative condition, etc.), and your goals, your doctor can advise you on which paths might be best for you during your consultation.

Regenerative Medicine for Back Pain

New developments in regenerative medicine for back pain have allowed patients to live life like they haven’t been able to for years as a result of these treatments.

Regenerative Medicine For Back Pain Catskill, NYWhat is regenerative medicine? It is the science of assisting the amazing capability our bodies have to heal themselves in order to replace or repair those tissues and cells that have been damaged or degraded over the years. Regenerative cell therapy includes treatments utilizing regenerative cells and platelet-rich plasma, otherwise known as PRP.

Both of these highly effective methods work to introduce incredibly powerful cells back into your body, that will help trigger tissue recovery or regeneration.

Your body already contains cells, as well as the platelets and growth factors that make up PRP. It’s about getting these potent cells to the areas of need so they can breathe new life into the back, joints, or other painful areas.

The unfortunate thing about cells is that as we grow older, these cells are less and less potent. The younger someone is, the more effective their cells are. As an example, how quickly do children recover from an injury as compared to an adult?

While there are methods of stem cell therapy that remove stem cells from your own body and reintroduce them into the troubled area, we believe the most effective way to use regenerative cells is through those obtained from Wharton’s jelly – a substance found in the umbilical cord. These cells have been donated by healthy mothers after they’ve given birth, from tissue that would have otherwise been disposed of. It is an ethical way to obtain the immense healing benefits of when we were younger.

If you might be interested to learn which non-surgical options for back pain would best suit your situation, we encourage you to get a consultation with our doctors and share your story. We’re here to help get you back to where you want to be!

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