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MLS Laser Therapy

What is MLS Laser therapy? MLS or (Multiwave Locked System) therapy uses a therapeutic laser wavelength that combines the best of both low and high powered laser treatments. Our Class 3B laser therapy gives the patient the pain relief they need without any heat damage to the skin tissue. Additionally, laser treatment can provide anti-inflammatory effects, bringing relief to patients suffering from back pain.

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How does MLS Laser Therapy Work Catskill NYClass 3B lasers have been around for some time, but the innovation with the MLS laser system is that the beam is controlled in such a way that the results are obtainable without the side effects normally present at higher wavelengths.

For patients looking for pain and inflammation relief for conditions such as knee pain, muscle pain, bursitis and tendonitis, the cold laser therapy in our laser treatments are a non-invasive alternative worth exploring.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy works by activating processes that reduce edema (swelling due to excess fluid) and provide non-surgical pain relief. Lasers at wavelengths of 820-840 nanometers deeply penetrate into tissue, promoting increased metabolic activity in treated areas.

The light has various effects on the body, from metabolic changes to increasing the effectiveness of nerve connections, which can improve overall health and address many systemic issues.

Laser Therapy Treatment for Pain Catskill NYIn addition, they are able to import energy more quickly and efficiently after laser treatments, promoting growth and healing. Because the wavelength is relatively low, there is no concern with thermal damage to the skin, so treatment lacks the side effects of older types of laser treatments.

By activating vasodilation and increasing the lymphatic response, the lasers promote healing relief.

Laser Therapy Treatment for Pain

How does a laser treat pain? By penetrating the tissue at the correct wavelength, a laser can provide relief from all types of pain, from neck and lower back pain to tennis elbow bursitis and ligament sprains. The therapeutic wavelengths have both an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on damaged tissue. The pulsed emissions address both the swelling and edema that are causing pain and tissue damage.

The laser can also cause the brain and adrenal system to release endorphins and enkephalin, both of which have the effect of lessening the pain that the patient is feeling. Instead of invasive surgical procedures or heavy drugs to mask the pain, this approach actually addresses the issues causing pain without tremendous side effects.

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