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Common Migraine Triggers and How to Deal with Them

A migraine can consume your entire day and sometimes seems to come on out of nowhere. There are certain things that can trigger your migraine attacks. If you can pinpoint what is triggering them, you can start to avoid those things.

Here are some of the most common migraine triggers along with some suggestions on how to deal with them:

  • Stress : Stress is one of the leading triggers for migraines. One way to deal with stress is to make a list of the things that are causing you stress and try to reduce them. You can also combat stress by exercising, practicing yoga, or relaxation therapy. If you think stress could be triggering your migraines, try some of these suggestions to see if they can help reduce the frequency of them.
  • Common Migraine Triggers and How to Deal with Them Catskill, NY

  • Lack of Sleep : Lack of sleep can affect your whole body, even your brain function. Staying on a consistent sleep schedule can really help prevent a migraine, so try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Also, try to avoid technology and stimulators before bed, as these can keep you up and disrupt your quality of sleep. Taking naps during the day can also affect your nightly sleep schedule, so try to avoid taking long naps.
  • Hormonal Imbalance : Hormones can trigger migraines, making women more likely to have a migraine than men. Women tend to experience migraines before, during, and right after their menstrual cycle. This is due to the change in progesterone and estrogen levels. Some birth controls can help even out hormone levels which may help prevent migraines.
  • Alcohol : Limiting your alcohol consumption can help prevent triggering a migraine, take note if you feel a migraine attack after drinking certain types of alcohol and avoid that specific type.
  • Overheating : Heat and dehydration can cause a migraine attack. Try to stay inside when temperatures are high outside. Always have water with you to help avoid dehydration and keep track of how much water you are drinking to make sure you get enough each day.
  • Certain Foods : Some food is known to trigger migraines. Foods that should be limited or avoided are dairy products, chocolate, aspartame, cured meats, foods high in sugar and saturated fat, and foods containing MSG.
  • Light Sensitivity : Another thing that can trigger a migraine is light. Any type of light, whether it’s natural, bright/fluorescent or flickering, can trigger a migraine attack. Always make sure to carry sunglasses with you and avoid sitting close to windows. Try using light bulbs that emit green light as it has been shown that green light does not trigger migraines.

These are not the only things that can trigger a migraine, but they are certainly some of the most common triggers. Hopefully, after trying some of these strategies to avoid these triggers you will find relief from your migraines and experience them less frequently. For more information on how to treat the symptoms of your migraine attacks call our office today (518) 380-2432.

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